On Saturday, the 10th of November 2018, our group decided to go onwards to new victories. The challenge this time was to complete a triathlon. This is a summary of the day by our Patricija:

“Our group is always filled with joy and positive energy and this day was no different, especially since we were able to sleep till nine o’clock in the morning. After we woke up we were greeted with a new sports challenge: cycling, jogging and swimming all in one day! Our plan was to go along the 34 km long “Pot spominov in tovarištva” or “The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship – PST for short”. We started in Nove Jarše, were we cycled among the buildings till Bežigrad and then continued to Šiška.

Here we cycled on gravel paths among trees, were we could cycle freely, although we also “raced” to the first asfalt road. We nearly crashed a couple of times, the victory however, was Tony’s to claim. Then we continued to follow Tomi like ducklings to the Koseze marshes, where we stopped for a snack. Tomi and Lan (for the prize of one chocolate bar) ran one lap around the lake and finaly, before leaving, our mentor Peter took a group photo.

The path continued to Vič and Rudnik, where instead of houses and building we were greeted by a beautiful forrest and instead of a straight path greeted by a hill. And what a hill! It was, for some of us, too hard of a task, so we rather walked and drove the bikes beside us. I myself could not even achieve this, so our Lan heroicly stood up for the job and drove mine and his own bike at the same time. After the exhausting hill we drove to the valley. It was a steep path with sharp corners, which Manca found out the hard way, as she fell on the way down. “I don’t know how to steer!” was her comment. After the decline we cycled through Štepanjsko Naselje, Fužine and Polje and afterwards finished our path in Nove Jarše. The end of cycling! Then followed a 2 km jog from Moste to Atlantis, where we, exhausted, changed into our swimwear and swam another 200 m in a pool, after which we had lunch and a relaxing time in the jacuzzi.

Our adventure had a happy ending, despite the blisters, lost mudguard, sweaty rags and sore feet. We went happily back to the group, where we, exhausted, went to sleep much sooner than usual and dreamt well of the new challenges, which awaited us the next day.”