We finally got to see a new youth exchange, this time after a long time a winter edition. Residential Care Group Črnuška Gmajna is hosting teams of youngsters from Azores Islands (Portugal) and Hungary. We are making a life long story and here are some moments of it:


The Portuguese group arrived first. From Asores Island they started they journey to Ljubljana already on Friday. We served them lunch – delicious turkey and rice. Their first impression was that everyone is different. They also noticed that the houses are different especially the roofs, but they felt really welcomed. We were all really excited to expirence this exchange. Everyone wanted to see snow but we were dissopointed that it was raining on first day. Even though it was raining we had a lot of fun when we went on the walk to see the deer farm and when we were playing cards after dinner because we got to know each other better. With train directly from Budapest we welcomed also Hungarian team. We were completed and youth echange was ready to begin.


On Sunday we spent the morning by playing energizer and name games. The cap’s game was one of the best. We visited a lot of monuments in the city, that were really beautiful and our groups had Slovenian leaders who explained to us a lot about Slovenia and especially about Ljubljana. When we arrived to the castle in the night the light was beautiful. We also had breakfast, lunch, dinner and they were great (Peter did a great job!). The foods were quite similar to the food in our home. The filled pepper was wonderful. We felt very excited and happy to speak everyone. The card game (UNO, rummy) were so much fun. We were exhausted by the end of the day.


We started the day by eating a good breakfast. Then we all went to visit the lake Bled. There, we started with some energizers and after we went to a long walk around the lake. It was the first time we saw snowflakes on our journey. Moreover, it was amazing. We arrived to a new accomodation where we will spend four nights. In the afternoon, everyone done their presentations about sustainability cases of their own country. We felt all nervous about preparing the presentations. We started a new game (kiss killer) which takes days. We started the workshops (media report, movie making, final event-for last day). During the Hungarian intercultural evening, we started playing limbo and other games which was really exciting.


We woke up quite early this day, then we took the ski bus and went to the cable car station. The view was breathtaking from the cable car and also from hostel, where we ate a tasty lunch. Some of us were skiing with Peter on other ski slopes. Others had help from other teachers. Some people were learning faster than others, but in general everyone had a lot of fun! We were proud of each other because everyone try their best. We also had the Portugese traditional evening and there was a presentation about Azores and a Kahoot. Where were also traditional music, dance and good food. Everyone enjoyed everything and it was an amazing evening. In the end of the day we played table football and billiard.


Today we started a new kiss killer because many people were commiting suicide. Then we went outside and had an azorean energizer. After that we went around the Bohinj lake and stopped to see Fructal which is a famous tree in Slovenia, On the road back we stopped at Zlatorog which is a a goat statue that has a legend about his golden horns. Then we had lunch. It was really good! We also bought some souvenirs for the family. Some brave people entered in the really cold lake. After that we went ice skating. Many people fell on the ice, but it was really fun! We played games in the ice and Tomi stood out from the others. We also went to the local supermaket and bought some tradicional candys and chocolates. In the evening we had some freetime, we played games and laugh a lot!


In the morning, everyone enjoyed a very good breackfast. When we were done, everyone changed their clothes and went skiing. Just like on Tuesday, we had a wonderful time! Some others that weren’t felling like skiing went with Marko to see amazing views up the montains. After two hours, we had lunch in a restaurant near the ski slope. We could see an amazing view from up there! After a long time skiing and having a good time, all of us went home to have some rest. Then we all pared in our groups to finnish the workshops and also had good burgues for dinner. Some people helped the slovenian leaders build a bonfire, and, when it was ready, everyone enjoyed rosted marshmallows by the bonfire. After spending some time talking, David played the guitar and we sang a song with him, and it was amazing to hear. It was an amazing day!


Today we started the day with breakfast, we packed our bags and started our roud trip to Planica. There we saw some ski jumpers and enjoyed the fluffy snow. Then we went to vally. When we were walking Tomi stopped us and asked us how a big rock got there, Greg was really close to the answer but nobody really guessed it even tho Tia tried to cheat. The answer was that it got there while a big glacier was melting it fell on it and when the glacier was gone the rock stayed right there, we also learned a little bit about how the valleys in Slovenia were made, either because of glaciers or rivers. It took us around 40 minutes to get to the hut. There we enjoyed the views of the great mountains. After some time -around 10 minutes, we went inside where we were served some tea and

after that everyone got their lunch that we ordered a day ago. When we were all full some of us went to see a frozen waterfall while others already started their way back to the cars. Then we started our trip back to Ljubljana, we got to see the city by ourselves and we also bought some food and souvenirs. We finished the day by eating pizza for dinner, did some more workshops and enjoyed eachothers company.