On Friday, 14. 6. 2019 we all started to mentally prepare for the long journey, which has become known as the KOMNA ADVENTURE.

Besides preparing mentally we also started packing all of the supplies which we needed for the long trail. We all had giant backpacks which weighed as much as we. On Saturday morning we got up early, put on our hiking shoes and started the epic journey to Komna. Oh wait, no, the van. I meant the van. We first needed to drive to Bohinj, and then take the ski lift followed by another ski lift until we came to the base of Vogel, where we took the first steps into our adventure. We walked and we walked. Then we had a short rest and then we walked again. Throughout the entire journey we had a gorgeous view of the sorrounding mountain tops. Our trail however was between 1500m and 1800m above sea level, so we didnt actually climb on any mountain, but falling was still not advised. During the walk we joked, talked, played games and searched for fossils. We even saw a WW1 base, where we also had a longer pause. Another great view was of the Bohinj Lake, which we gazed upon throughout the walk. We also stopped by some snow, and then proceeded to have some fun. Tomi wanted to hit Peter with a snowball, but was unsuccesful. After a long, hard 5 hour walk we walked for 1 hour more and then finally saw the Komna cottage. Upon arriving we first got a bottle of coke, which Tomi promised us if we didnt complain once during the walk. After that we got served soup and štrudelj. Until dinner was ready, we all showered with the freezing water that was available. You had to pay 3 euros for warm water….And after dinner we played a game, whose winners were obviously Lan and Sara <3. After the intense battle we all went to get a deserved, good nights rest. Next morning we first went to an obligatory walk towards Bogatin cottage, where we were once again greeted by a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and grassfield. Then we had to go back to grab our backpacks and new water, and then we started to decend down the mountain. The decent was for some easy, for others hard. Especially for Tomi and Peter. When we came down after 2 hours we had a longer break, and afterwards walked for what Tomi told us would be 20 minutes and ended up being 45. Tired, angry and burnt out we suddenly saw the Bohinj lake. Here we rested for about an hour. Some of us went swimming while the others simply went to sleep. After we got clothed again we walked for the final 15 minutes until we saw the parking area of the Vogel ski lift. We rejoiced as the painful yet wonderful journey came to an end. Almost. We stopped on the way back and got pizza. And another bottle of coke. After that we really did go back home, and after cleaning the hiking shoes and emptying the huge backpacks, we could finally lay down and call the end of an amazing weekend and a legendary adventure.