After a year of training, we finnaly got to our grand finale on the 39th Radenci Marathon as a part of the project by the Strokovni Center ( The experience was summarised by Patricija and translated by Lan:

On Friday, 17. 5. 2019, after a long time a different atmosphere could be felt in our group. After we all got home from school we ran up and down the house, franticly packing everything for Radenci. Things calmed down only after we went on our way and fell asleep in our van. We soon had to stoop, as Markos car broke down and we had to continue the way without him, until we reached hotel Radin. We got the best and most comfortable rooms available. After we settled in, we went to grab a snack, as there was still some time until dinner. During that time we were free to explore the surrounding area or stay in our rooms. Marko also rejoined us as he just couldnt let us jog alone. In no time the dinner was ready and after we gazed upon all the food, we were pretty sure we came to heaven. Once dinner was over we quickly went to sleep, since we needed to be well rested and at strength the following day. When we woke up, we put on our sports clothes and our jogging sneakers, which santa brought us. Tomi and Aleks were the first to start, as they had a long 21 km run before them, which even stretched to Austria. Lan, Marko, Peter and Irma went on a shorter distance – 10 km. And then Jai, Nika, Sara and I had our start on the 5 km distance. Our distances were different yet our effort the same. All of us gave it our best and after the grueling run we finnaly came to the finish line and made a photo to keep memory. After the run and a short break we went to a pool, where we had water-joga and played a game to see how well our mentors knew us (they dont). But all good things come to an end and when the lights went off (power outage), we barely came to our rooms. Upon arriving, some of us went to sleep and others to the concert, performed by singer Alja. Since it was raining, the mentors stayed in their rooms and listened from the balcony. Then came morning and we all packed our stuff, went to the pool for a final swim before returning home. And after we stopped for lunch, we finnaly got home and that was the end of our marathon weekend.