Winter is the best season for giving gifts, showing affection and spending time with family and friends. It is also excellent for another thing – sports! Our mentors decided to take us youngsters to a magical skiing trip to Saalbach, Austria.

Our journey from Ljubljana started on Thursday, 31. 1. 2019, right after school. Without any energy because of school, we had to carry all the skiing equipment, food and luggage to the van. And what followed was a long long trip, which we won’t remember as we were sleeping the entire time to Saalbach. There we saw that there was a lot of snow, maybe even too much. The best part of the first day was when we came to the apartments and we could finnaly rejoice and settle in.

After delicious dinner and Markos dessert we watched a movie together and then got some sleep.

On the next day, after breakfast, we went skiing. At first the mentors gave us a little test to see how well we ski and who of us needed some help. Everyone knew how to ski except for me and Patricija, so we trained relentlessly throughout the day. In the evening we came back to our apartments and, tired, went to sleep. After dinner we swiftly went to bed, as we were tired.

The next morning was going along much faster, as we knew what we needed to do. This day was a lot easier for us as we all learned how to ski decent. During the first half of the day we trained on an easier route, during the next half we went on a different one, which was the climax of the day and the whole weekend. Like the previous day we went home in the evening, made dinner and went to rest. We also had a crepe party, which Tomi made and were excellent. At first we planned to have a sociable evening, however we were all to tired.

On Sunday morning we had a shorter breakfast, as we were in a hurry to pack our stuff and clean the apartments. When we were all ready, we went to ski and laugh for the last time.

A wise man once said all good things come to an end, and so when we went down the slope one last time, we sat in the van and drove home.