In our residential care group we started a sport group as part of the project of the Strokovni center ( this year! For the opening event of further sports-recreational and adventure activities we selected sailing around the Mediterranean Sea (18. – 23. September 2018). Patricija described our common experience as follows:

“Our journey began early in the morning when the sun came up. The excitement of our group was felt in the air when we carried our bags and food in a van with which we drove to Šibenik. During the trip we slept, talked and stopped for a snack and for short presentations of the individual places we passed by. After several hours of driving, we finally got to Šibenik, where we marched in marina to our sailing boat and set off for new, marine adventures in next days. During the sailing between the islands we talked, chatted with the educators and of course we were sunbathing and reading books, the latter was a great surprise for the educators. For us, it was the best that Nika baked the muffins for her birthday. On the sailing we cooked all the meals, which was as interesting and delicious! Our first stop was the island of Šolta, which is a very beautiful island with a beautiful sunset. We could investigate it ourselves and we also swam. At the end of the day, however, it was time for us to go to sleep in the sub-deck of the sailing boat with the expectation of what will come to us the next day.

With a new day we sailed together to the next island called the Pakleni otoci. There we had the initiation ceremony for newcomers in our group. For swimming, however, we had to walk through the beautiful garden full of flowers, cacti and palm from the marina and only enjoy the sea on the other side of the island.

Last afternoon we sailed to the island of Vis, where we walked through the city, which reminded us of old times. During the walk, we were facing the interesting challenges that our educators prepared for us and for the award we received ice cream!

I can say that our sailing was very exciting and not only that we met new places and learned a lot, but we also had good connections, got to know each other and had a nice time. It is a wonderful trip behind us, and this exceptional experience will keep us in good memory forever.”